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About Evolverre

Welcome to Evolverre. We are a platform helping people to transform their lives in a holistic way. Our services take people through a journey that would help them explore themselves and experience new avenues with vedic ways of life and professional life coaching. One can choose from our various approaches to experiencing self exploration and evolution.

We Are Evolverre


Explore our range of offerings to learn more about them and set yourself on a journey to transform your life.


Experience the process of self-discovery with our unique guidance to reinvent yourself. Observe visible evolution and the effect this has on your personal and professional life.


Our final step is to help you evolve into a more refined being. You will be more refined and will have gained a host of knowledge and clarity.

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Services we Offer

Through Evolverre, we have accumulated knowledge about the different avenues of self evolution. Our services come under Vedic Way Of Life, Professional Life Coaching, Access Bars and Sustainable Social Systems, which further includes Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Scientific Vastu, various Counselling techniques and so on.

Coming Soon

Social Sustainable
System S3 for Women

Women have every right to be free from discrimination, violence and harassment. In order to improve their individual and community health by providing a safer environment, we are coming up with a unique methodology defined as Social Sustainable System S3 especially for Women safety and growth.


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