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About Us

We are a platform helping people to transform their lives. Our platform combines the Science of Life Coaching and the spirituality of Vedic Astrology, Scientific Vastu and also other disciplines to help people through a journey that would help them experience new avenues. Our life coach JALAJAKSHI SUDHINDRA is an expert who has helped number of people to transform themselves. 

Greetings from Evolverre!

I am JALAJAKSHI SUDHINDRA, Life Transformation Coach at Evolverre. For the past 10 years, my life has been an enriching, exciting, and satisfying experience in empowering people to make certain changes in their lives to achieve their potential.

Our mission is to guide people in transforming their lives with the Science Of Life Coaching and Vedic Science. Our platform combines the best of both worlds to provide the best for your present and your future, helping you holistically transform yourself. Our services can be availed for both personal growth or transformation of your entire business.



Discover the issues within yourself to start the healing process


Our various services, like astrology, professional coaching, and social support, will assist you in your transformation.


The final step towards self-healing is by evolving into a better and refined human being.